Prospective Students

Please contact the studio for rates and/or fees.

All students will become members of the Universal Tae Kwon Do Association. All belt ranks will be certified by Grand Master Soo Kon Kim, 9th Dan, President of the Universal Tae Kwon Do Association.

For each level of belt rank there is a test. Testings are offered each month. Students that are ready will be allowed to test. Remember, time in a rank is important and each rank should be enjoyed. You will only be there once. Think of each rank as steps of a ladder and with each step your ability in the Martial Arts will become greater. Be patient with your progress and wear your rank with PRIDE.

As U.T.A. students you will learn the forms of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Base Forms Ki-Cho 1-3, Palgwe Forms 1-8, and Taegeuk Forms 1-8.